Summer Youth Adventure Programs


Dear Parents and Friends of COE.

Due to the ongoing COVID restrictions, we have made the unimaginable and heart breaking decision to cancel our summer programming for 2021. 

Our reasons are simple and clear:   SAFETY is our number one priority for the kids.   By safety I mean, that unless the Government(s) lift all restrictions for outdoor activities and overnight camping, we cannot in all good conscience put the safety of the kids at risk.  The nature of our activities (being adventure) do not allow for the kind of physical distancing that is put upon us all.  2 meters or 6 feet between a group of kids hiking up a mountain is unsafe for many reasons.  We at the very most keep a distance of 3 feet between participants and staff.  The same logic applies to our overnight trips, Back Packing,  Rock Climbing and Rappelling, We have to check the harnesses and helmets which require touch.  Belaying and helping the kids up the climbs sometimes require a “boost”.  In the mix as well is our water programs; Rafting and Kayaking.  They also require us to be at a safe distance.

So you can see where I’m going with this. 

COE and all other Summer Camps promote community!  In doing so, we promote health and wellness, physicality, and most of all friendship!!!   

We hope that by next season, everyone will be able to open up their camps in their entirety, and welcome back the kids with open arms!

Stay safe, and have a wonderful summer!  Even though there will not be a camp program here at COE; there may be others who are able to provide the experience for your kids. 

Until next year.  Thank you for your continued support of us!!

Cheri, Rolf, Mike and Jen, Jenna and Greg, Aquin, Cooper, Lucas and Tyler, as well as all the rest of our crew here at COE.


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For more information about our programs please contact us:
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