Index of Peaks

Whitegoat Peaks

Elevation: SW Peak(3080m); Central Peak(3200m); NE Peak(3120m)
Grid Reference: SW Peak(203717); Central Peak(211725); NE Peak(218732) on 83 C/2
Location:Not visible from highway, good views of them from Mt. Cline or Cline/Resolute Col. SW Peak is the leftmost peak in picture. They are accessed via Thompson Creek for the side shown, or Cline River for the backside.


Ice: Never seen them in the winter.

Rock: Too far to walk to go rock climbing!

Alpine: A few routes have been done on the Whitegoats but details of most are scarce. The potential for new routes is huge on these big remote peaks. A number of cool looking lines are just begging to be climbed. Usually a full day is needed to reach a camp at the base of these peaks.

Central Whitegoat SW Slopes(II 5.5) - A nice route with some steep snow and one short difficult rock section.


North East Peak from Central Peak summit.