Index of Peaks

The Twins

Elevation: 8000ft / 2440m
Grid Reference: 376723 on 83C/1
Location:Located just North of the Two O'Clock Creek Campground at the South end of Lake Abraham.


Ice: The ice climb Nothing But the Breast (III, WI4+) is located beside the highway on this peak. Also the canyon containing End of the Line() and Lovely Parting Gifts() is found between The Twins and Mt. Elliot.

Rock: As far as I know nothing has been done but there are certainly lots of cliffs facing the highway with some good looking rock.

Alpine: The summit of this little peak can be reached quite easily via the SE ridge starting at a creek and old road just North of Two O'Clock Creek Campground. Just follow trails up the ridge with one easy bit of scrambling before the summit of the first peak. Be sure to sign one of the summit logs. Continue over to the second peak then backtrack to the col and descend the easy scree gully between the two summits to a creek bed leading back to where you started.

Other routes on the East face (facing the highway) have been completed with various degrees of scrambling depending on route finding ability. Basically just follow tree ramps and gullies to the SE ridge.