Index of Peaks

Mt. Sentinal

Elliot on left, Sentinal on right Elevation: 8500ft / 2590m
Grid Reference: 348762 on 83 C/1
Location: The peak attached to Mt. Elliot at the South end of Lake Abraham. It is the right hand peak shown in the picture.


Ice: The route S'n'M falls(II W3) boasts a long slog and uninspiring climbing. Only for those who are after the remote experience.

Rock: No routes yet. A promising looking cliff at about GR333770 can be seen from the creek on the West side of Sentinal.

Alpine: The easiest ways up Mt. Sentinal are to slog up the bowl on the North side of the Mt. Elliot/Sentinal col with a couple challenging bits of scrambling higher up. This route is also the easiest descent. Alternately walk up the Cline River a ways then follow the NW ridge to the summit with some short steps (FA: B. Hart, O. Miskiw, 1975).

North East Slabs(grade unknown) - Mike Adolph and partners established a tough route somewhere on the clean triangular slabs in the sentinal/elliot bowl. Slabs visible from the highway. No further info.

West slabs - Fun scrambling can be found numerous places on the rocky West face of the peak accessed via Cline River and a tributary on backside of peak.