Index of Peaks

Resolute (Lion and Lioness)

Elevation: Lion(3120m); Lioness(3080m)
Grid Reference: Lion(233692); Lioness(243692) on 83 C/2
Location:Located just East of Mount Cline and visible from most of the summits to the East.


Ice: Never seen it in the winter

Rock: Too far to walk for rock climbing!

Alpine: Park at Thompson creek and try and follow trails along the right side of creek to the Lion/Cline col. (GR 223694) 4 6 hours from car. From the Cline/Lion col follow the easy ridge to either summit. Avoid the cliffs near the top of Lion by traversing around to the right. 1 2 hours from the col. No difficulties.

Resolute from the North, the opposite side of the col from the ascent route.