Index of Peaks

Mt. Peskett

Peskett Elevation: 10200ft, 3110m
Grid Reference: 373554 on 82 N/16
Location: A striking peak across the river from Whirlpool Point. From the highway it looks just like in the picture.


Ice: Nothing known, haven't seen much of the peak in the winter except what's visible from highway.

Rock: If you are going to walk all the way in to go rock climbing you may as well go to the top, see below.

Alpine: The easiest way up this mountain was via the slopes on the NW side. A 60m cliff band about half way up may provide some difficulties.

NE Face, Quarry Route (IV, 5.9) - A hard alpine rock route up the NE face. The name says something about rock quality in certain sections but the positions are fantastic.

Siffleur (10266ft), Unnamed (9800ft), Louden (10566ft), Peskett (10200ft)

Easy Slopes on NW side.