Index of Peaks

Mt. Michener

Elevation: 2500m / 8200ft
Grid Reference:418840 on 83 C/1 (Whiterabbit Creek)
Location:Across Abraham Lake. It has a sign and a lookout point on the highway.

This obvious peak across Abraham Lake from the highway is the only mountain in the corridor with it's own lookout point. This is perhaps because it is named after a past governor general who was helicoptered to the summit. Afterwards Governor General Michener learned that Nordegg locals reffered to this peak as 'Pheobes Tit' and was unimpressed. Legend has it that Pheobe was the most popular of the girls at the old Chambers Creek brothel during the coal mining days and that the summit cone resembles her most popular asset.



There is an elusive little climb called "Captains Log"(110m, WI3) that is probably only worth it if you are on your way to the summit.


Nothing that I know of but there are some impressive buttresses for those willing to paddle accross the lake or walk in from the dam.


Numerous easy scrambling routes have been done to the summit via a variety of gullies and ridges. Most ascents take place in the winter when you can walk across the lake. Beware though, as it is dam controlled this is often not a safe lake to be walking around on, huge gaps between ice and water can form.