Index of Peaks

Mt. Elliot

Elevation: 2872m, 9425ft
Grid Reference: 360752 on 83 C/1
Location: Elliot is the prominent triangular peak with a huge slabby face next to the highway at the South end of Lake Abraham.


Ice: Mt. Elliot is probably the best known peak in the corridor due to the presence of a number of excellent ice climbs. From right to left the ice climbs in the major gullies are Kitty Hawk (IV WI5), C'est la Vie(IV WI4+) with Cool Climbing above, and finally Elliots Left Hand (III WI4). The canyon at the left edge of the peak contains the ice climbs End of the Line(WI4 90m) and Lovely Parting Gifts(WI3 70m).

Rock: End of the Line canyon was in the past used for rock climbing training by the British Military and has much potential for sport routes. There has been a few multipitch rock routes done on the major butresses between End of the Line and Kitty Hawk. So far the rock explored has been high quality and quite solid. Pick up a copy of "David Thompson Corridor Rock" at the Center for Outdoor Education( near Nordegg for more info.

Alpine: An ascent of Mt. Elliot is difficult from almost any side. It is possible to scramble to the summit via the bowl on the North side of the Elliot/Sentinal col although some difficulties will be encountered. The last few years has seen some activity from the guides and instructors at the COE and the following routes have been established:

Cool Climbing (IV WI4+X 5.8R) - an incomplete winter mixed route up the middle of the big face. The hardest route in the corridor.

SE Ridge (III 5.8) - a challenging summer route on the left edge of the big face.

NE Ridge (III 5.5) - an great route up the right edge of the big face. Good place to practice shortroping.

South Ridge and 5 peak Traverse(II 4th Class) - a traverse of the Twins, Unnamed, Elliot and Sentinal.