Index of Peaks

Mt. Abraham

Elevation: 2800m, 9190ft
Grid Reference: 366907 on 83 C/8
Location: Located at the North East end of Lake Abraham the West side of the peak appears as a series of huge slabs and spires. The summit is a distinctive pyramid shape from any side.


Ice: So far no ice climbs have been completed on Mt. Abraham although there are a couple thin lines that come and go in the spring and fall most years.

Rock: Abraham Slabs is one of the best rock climbing venues in the corridor and offers a selection of 5.8-5.10 sport routes up to 120m in length. A number of old gear routes exist as well but are generaly runout with poor rock. A David Thompson Corridor guidebook is available at the Center for Outdoor Ed. just West of Nordegg for a $5 donation to the bolt fund.

Alpine: The easiest way up Abraham is via the scree/snow couloir on the SE side of the peak to the left of all the prominent slabs and spires. Once the top of the couloir is reached follow the ridge with a bit of easy scrambling to the summit pyramid of scree.

Shoulder Route (III 5.8) - This is the best alpine rock route in the area and consists of a number of challenging rock pitches as well as a bunch of scrambling. Some sections are loose and runout but the hardest pitches are superb and all stations are fixed.

South East Ridge (II 5.5) - The next ridge west of the Shoulder route offers a fun climb. Start up grassy slopes for an hour or two, passing numerous prayer flags. Once the ridge becomes rocky stay on the crest, first with easy scrambling and then with some harder climbing as the ridge turns to the right. Eventually a sub-summit is reached and you can continue to the top of Abraham, or to a higher unnamed peak further North (loose), or descend as per the normal route.