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COE Adventure Activities

COE offers a variety of adventure activities for all ages, fitness levels, experience levels, and group sizes.

Our activities provide participants with the opportunity to overcome challenges, work as a team, learn new skills, and have a ton of fun! All guides are highly skilled in the various diciplines, have undergone intense training, and have proven their ability to provide a fun and safe experience for all.

We can customize an experience for groups of 1 to over 100, so give us a call to arrange your adventure. These activities are also a perfect way to add some excitement & team building to your retreat package at the Sheiling Mtn Lodge.

COE will provide: qualified instructors/guides and all technical gear.
COE can provide: meals, transportation, and accomodation. Please request these when booking.
You must provide: footwear and clothing suitable for outdoor weather, gear lists will be sent out upon booking.

Rock Climbing & Rappeling

Difficulty can range from 1 out of 5 to 5 out of 5 as required.

youth rock climbing Join us for a "Day on the Rocks." Rock Climbing and Rappelling is our most popular activity. We will customize a day that will suit everyone, from first-time climbers to advanced. You will be challenged to the max! No experience required, everyone can enjoy this sport.
What to expect: An introductory day filled with excitement, adrenaline and personal challenge! Your Instructors will teach you about harnesses, helmets, ropes and climbing calls as well as belaying techniques and lots more to make your day an exciting, enjoyable and safe one! Your day will be long enough to give everyone the chance to climb themselves tired!
Available: April - October dependant on conditions. Rappelling available year round.

Intermediate & Advanced rock climbing excursions and training are also available from our ACMG certified guides. See our Custom Outdoor Experience site for more information.


Difficulty: 1 out of 5 for canyon hike; 3 out of 5 for canyoneering

canyoneering adventure A number of canyons in the area provide great adventures at all levels of difficulty. One of our most popular canyon hikes involves ladder climbing, easy rock scrambling, and some small creek crossings. Canyons are some of the most beautiful features on earth, what better way to enjoy them than with a trip right up the middle of one! This activity is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Canyon trips lasting from a few hours to a long day are available. Some canyon trips can be combined with a rock climb or a rappel.
Available: year round in almost any conditions.

Via Ferrata

Difficulty: 4 out of 5

alberta's only via ferrata Come climb Alberta's only Via Ferrata! The Ferrata is a series of iron rungs up a 600 foot cliff with a cable alongside for protection. Special Ferrata equipment and experienced guides make this a safe outing you will never forget. Via Ferrata's are a popular mountain sport in Europe but have only recently been developed in North America. In fact, the Nordegg Ferrata is believed to be only the 4th on the whole continent! The unique nature of the ferrata allows anyone with a reasonable level of fitness to experience the exhileration of climbing high on a mountain side.
What to expect: The outing takes 3 to 4 hours and is available for groups of up to 4 people per guide at one time. A 40 minute hike up to the base of the ferrata is followed by an unforgettable 2 hour ascent up the cliff. After enjoying the view of some of the largest peaks in the Rockies, a 45 minute hike down the ridge brings you back to the parking area. Only ACMG certified guides are used on this outing. All participants must have sturdy hiking boots.
Price: $125/person (minimum 2 people) - includes guide, specialized equipment, bottled water, and a small snack.

Learn More.. about the Via Ferrata!


Difficulty: 4 out of 5

caving with school group Wapiabi Caves are located in the Blackstone Recreation Area and offer an excellent introduction to caving. The caves were first discovered by local sheep hunters and later developed by avid cavers and the British Army. Today they have become a popular destination for adventure seekers from all over Alberta and Canada.
What to expect:A 4 km hike along the river will lead you to the trailhead of the caves. A 2 hour ascent up Whitegoat mountain will find you at the entrance and ready for your lunch. After enjoying a rest and the spectacular view of our mountain wilderness, you will begin your descent into the caves down a wide chute. The temperature in the caves remain a constant 9 degrees Celsius, with 100% humidity, so be prepared to get damp and dirty! You will see stalagmites, stalactites, explore tunnels, hear stories and legends, and perhaps even try a cavers squeeze. Your day may last up to 10 hours from start to finish, so get plenty of rest the night before, and have a big breakfast!
Available May - August 31 dependant on conditions.

More advanced cave trips are also available for smaller groups with the time and ambition to learn the appropriate skills. The "French Connection" is a spectacular trip involving rappeling, scrambling, and some tight squeezes.


Difficulty: 1 out of 5

kayaking for beginners As an introduction to kayaking, we use the calm, peaceful waters of Goldeye Lake located 5 minutes from COE. Paddle around the lake enjoying the tranquility, sunshine and aquatic life then lose yourself in a soaking wet game of kayak soccer!
What to expect: Before we go anywhere you will be instructed in basic safety and paddling skills as well as wet exits, rescues, strokes, and if you're really ambitious perhaps even an Eskimo Roll! The lake is a mountain lake, so it's cold. Bring your warm clothes, mitts, toques, and footwear that can get wet.
Available late May - early October dependant on conditions.

More advanced lake and whitewater kayak instruction also available by our certified Moving Water Kayak Instructors.


Difficulty: 1 out of 5

Alberta rafting tours You've heard it called the "Mighty Saskatchewan" river, here's you're opportunity to find out why. During the slow and lazy first section you will be able to clear your mind of troubles and rejuvenate your senses. Then as you hit the rapids you'll feel the cool spray of the river and challenge of staying "heads up". Water fights and raft wars available all day long!
What to expect: This is a full day on the river with rest stops for lunch and hot chocolate along the way. Your instructors will teach you the basics of river travel and give you the opportunity to get very wet. Hold on tight!! Be sure to bring footwear that can get wet and lots of warm clothes. Your guide can customize the difficulty of the whitewater to match the groups wishes and weather conditions.
Available late May - early October dependant on conditions.


Difficulty: 1 to 5 out of 5, depending on mountain chosen.

youth group mountaineering trip There are many day trips along the David Thompson Corridor, which will offer you spectacular views of our area's many sights. One of our popular mountain hikes is the "Buckle" along Windy Point ridge. The ascent begins at Windy Point near beautiful Abraham Lake, and can be done in all of the seasons. Be sure to take time to breath in the fresh air and view the beauty that surrounds you. Mountain Sheep are common sights on this outing.
What to expect: You will be instructed on the methods of mountaineering, walking on steep terrain, special mountain hazards and weather patterns. The trip is an excellent introduction to scrambling and will provide challenge without being too demanding for first time mountain hikers.
Available year round dependant on conditions.

Intermediate & advanced alpine climbing guided ascents and training are also available from our ACMG certified guides. See our Custom Outdoor Experience site for more information.

Ice Climbing

Difficulty can range from 1 to 5 out of 5 as required.

school group ice climbing The Rocky Mountain's are home to the best waterfall ice in the world and the Nordegg area has a variety of areas suitable for groups, begginers, and pros alike.
What to expect: Your instructor will teach you about rope systems, harnesses and belays, as well as proper techniques with crampons and ice axes. You'll spend the day honing your new skills and scaling the frozen waterfall. Dress warm, and get ready to climb hard.
Available November - April dependent on conditions.

Intermediate & advanced ice climbing guided ascents and training are also available from our ACMG certified guides. See our Custom Outdoor Experience site for more information.

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