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The COE is accepting applications for instructors for our summer camp programs. Unless you have extensive previous experience, all new summer instructors must undergo two months (May & June) of training during which they will assist experienced instructors with all activities. During this time room and board will be provided as well as the opportunity to participate in staff outings to work on hard skills and have adventures. This includes outtrips with ACMG guides which can be invaluable experience for anyone looking to continue in this field. If all goes well a paid position will be available for our summer camp programs. Another perk of the job is subsidized certification courses (Swiftwater Rescue, ACMG Top Rope Instructor, etc.) for interested and capable staff members.

Applicants must have an extremely high level of fitness and be physicaly and mentally able to deal with the strain of being responsible for others safety and comfort for days at a time. Being an intructor at COE can be tons of fun but it is also a very challenging job and requires much more from the instructors than would be expected at a typical summer camps.

Deadline for applying is March 1st. Applicants must provide a personal resume, an outdoor resume (listing climbs, trips and outings in which you have participated), and a paragraph or two about why you want to work at the COE. This may be followed up with an interview. For this summer we are looking for general instructors as well as specialised instructors. In particular we are looking for a couple of instructors who would be capable of taking the ACMG Top Rope Instructor program in May. See for more information on this. We also have need for one or two instructors with extensive river kayaking experience to help run our kayaking and rafting programs.

Other training that is not mandatory to apply but that we have a need for includes:

Pay is dependant on experience level and certifications.

Volunteer Positons

The Centre has many opportunities for volunteering year round. In exchange for your time and hard work you will recieve room and board, have the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, and participate in many staff outings. Perfect for those wishing to gain experience for future jobs in the outdoors. Please call or e-mail if you are interested. All volunteers must arrive with a completed criminal record check and child welfare check.

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