Youth Mountaineering Challenge

Best Teen Mountaineering Camp in Alberta

 1 week, Ages 14-17 - good fitness required, must apply (see below).
  Minimum Group size 5 , Maximum Group Size: 8

The ultimate trip for adventurous teens! 6 days of roaming the mountain wilderness while crossing high passes, rock climbing, ascending soaring peaks, crossing glaciers, and being entirely immersed in the mountains. This challenging trip will be led by one of our most experienced guides and will be an adventure you will not soon forget!

This type of trip is often described as a life changing experience by many participants. It will open your eyes to what you are capable of achieving and the strength that lies inside all of us.  Please  make sure you are physically and mentally ready to spend the week in the back country.  We promise it will be  the week you'll never forget!


During the week you will be learning skills in:

·                  Rock Climbing and Rappelling

·                  Mountaineering

·                  Steep Snow Travel

·                  Glacier Travel

·                  Alpine Camping Skills

·                  Navigation

·                  Leadership

·                  Backcountry Cooking

·                  Basic 1st Aid

·                  and much more!

When you arrive at COE we will spend a few hours getting packed and organized for the trip then out the door for the week in the rugged backcountry of the Canadian Rockies! alberta mountaineering teens

Pre requisite

Backcountry Alpine Adventure or equivalent.

Applying for Youth Mountaineering Challenge

Before registering for the Youth Mountaineering Challenge, all candidates must send us an e-mail, fax, or letter with the following information:

·                  Personal Information - name & age

·                  Fitness & Athletic Experience - how you stay fit, how fit you feel you are, sports you participate in, etc.

·                  Two reference letters.

·                  Medical certificate from a docter.

·                  Outdoor Experience - hikes you have done, camping experience, adventure activities you have done, etc.

·                  Why you want to come - most importantly, let us know why you want to join the Youth Mountaineering Challenge and what you feel you can offer to the team.

What to Bring

·                  Clothing  sweaters, socks  "hiking specific (lots)", shorts, T-shirts and sweat pants)  NO  JEANS

·                  Warm jacket (fleece best), Warm pants.    Dress in layers like an onion

·                  Rain Jacket and Pants

·                  Gloves, hat and toque

·                  Swim wear/ water shoes

·                  Toiletries, towels, facecloth

·                  Sleeping bag (should be one that can be packed in a back pack with lots of room to spare) good to minus 15.

·                  Lightweight Sleeping Pad (blue foamie or thermarest) - available for loan if required.

·                  Day pack and  back pack (We can rent you one, if you don't have one, $10 for the week)

·                  Most important of all is a good pair of backpacking boots, preferably 1/2 shank or better. Hiking shoes are not acceptable.   You may need to wear crampons during the next week!

·                  Camera and pocket money (optional)

·                  Sunglasses, Sunscreen

·                  2 - 1L Waterbottles (Nalgene brand best)

·                  Make sure to properly label all of your gear.

Please avoid bringing valuables to camp. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles.

Gear can be purchased at a variety of outdoor stores including MEC, Track n Trail and Valhalla

Do NOT Bring

The following items are not allowed at COE summer youth programs

·                  Cell Phones

·                  MP3 Players, Walkmans, etc.

·                  Gameboys, Nintendo's, etc.

·                  Knives

Cost & Dates

$1425 + taxes = $1496.25

Ages 14+:

August 2020, final dates to be annouced