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Interested in the ultimate outdoor adventure? You've come to the right place. The Centre for Outdoor Education (COE), is a multi-use, multi-activity facility offering Outdoor Education/ Adventure programs for people of all ages. COE is owned and operated by the Adolph family: Rolf, Cheri and Mike along with a number of dedicated guides and staff. We are situated in the heart of Alberta's "David Thompson Country" just 10 km west of the hamlet of Nordegg. The Centre for Outdoor Education is very proud to be an accredited member of the Alberta Camping Association.

The goals of the COE are to provide people of all ages with a challenge that will enhance their lives and make them richer both physically and mentally. Through adventure programming, our goal will be to help you to become more confident and self-assured while learning about the environment and having tons of fun!

Adventure based programs and activities are exciting, challenging and rejuvenating. They are the ones that make your heart pound and the adrenaline flow. From hardcore climbing adventures to relaxing retreats to summer camps, the COE has something for everyone.

Cheers from All of us at COE!!!!

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For more information about our programs please contact us:
Centre for Outdoor Education, Box 7, Nordegg, Alberta, T0M 2H0, Canada
Phone: (403) 721-2208 Fax:  1-888-314-3690 E-mail:info@coe.ca